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Thibault ROLAND - Grid

Architecture of the New World

Urban Myths presents the poetic vision of photographer Thibault Roland on the architectural specificities of the New World. By imposing precise compositions, tonalities and reshaping light on the buildings, he establishes a dialog between the photographs, the locations and architectural styles. […]

Steel Workers Poster, East Chicago, Indiana 2002

Gary Cialdella's Shared History

By Gregg Hertzlieb This text appeared as the Introduction to the photography-book Calumet. This book of photographs from Gary Cialdella’s Calumet Series represents for me the culmination of an adventure in learning and seeing that began in 2001. It started […]



By Qiana Mestrich The Namesake (2013) series is a selection of twenty-five photographs made from mugshots of predominantly Black and Latino women named “Qiana”. These women, including myself, were named after a synthetic polymer nylon manufactured in the 1960s by […]


NEOP: Observation Point

By Barry W. Hughes Taking its title from NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program, this is a physical cosmology, investigating particular astronomical phenomena and the science related to the observation and exploration of such.  All images are courtesy of the artist ************ […]


North Country

By Niniane Kelley Growing up in the Bay Area and eventually living and working in San Francisco, you develop an almost unconscious awareness of the nearly 8 million people that inhabit the region, as well as the frenetic urgency and […]

David Hilliard

The Tale is True

By David Hilliard This tale is true, and mine. It tells How the sea took me, swept me back And forth in sorrow and fear and pain, Showed me suffering in a hundred ships, In a thousand ports, and in […]

Alon Koppel 01

Middle Eastern Promises

By Alon Koppel Last year I began collecting historic stereoscopic photographs with an emphasis on Palestine. Since I am primarily a landscape photographer and Israel is my birthplace these photos, with their romantic scenes of the desert and its holy […]

Jon Feinstein 01

Market Demands: Jon Feinstein’s From Russia with Love

By Jon Feinstein From Russia With Love is a series of low-resolution photographs culled from spam emails I received over several years. The emails were sent by unknown figures posing as Russian and Eastern European women soliciting relationships with American men. Cast in often-fragmented English, they promise […]

New York cafe window-Dean & DeLuca 40th Street


By Sheri Lynn Behr Today we live in a post-privacy world, an image-obsessed society where cameras are everywhere. With or without our knowledge, we are being photographed hundreds of times a day. There is no privacy. NoSafeDistance is a examination of […]


Cultural Tourists

By Dave Henri CULTURAL TOURISTS is an ongoing series which documents the popularity of museums and other cultural destinations for sightseers. When I visit a museum, I often find myself as interested in my fellow visitors as the priceless artwork. […]

Checkpoint Chralie, Tourist Posing with Russian Soldiar, 1 Euro

Traumatic Tourism

By Yoav Horesh Virtually every travel guide will have a section detailing the history of the region to which it is dedicated. The guide will identify exact locations where historical events have occurred or where memorials have been erected to […]


Mediated Immigration: Zacharias Abubeker’s Diaspora

By Zacharias Abubeker These photographs examine Ethiopian immigration to the United States and explore greater issues of assimilation of cultures within the world today. All images are courtesy of the artist My interest in the Ethiopian community stems from an […]

yael 487

Re-Visiting 2014: The SIP Blog Looks Back and Moves Forward

Before we bid our final farewell to 2014, we took a look at some of the experiences that defined our recent 12 months, which were marked by a deepening of our ongoing investigations into the philosophies, possible histories and futures […]

Willson Cummer 5

Rustbelt Observations: State Tower Building, Syracuse 

By Willson Cummer Built in the late 1920’s, the State Tower Building was expected to usher in a new era of prosperity and development for the growing city of Syracuse, New York. Instead, the Great Depression hit. Ninety years later, […]

6 Sam Harris© Postcards from Home 03

Snaps from The Middle of Somewhere

By Sam Harris My work is an ongoing family diary that revolves around my two daughters Uma & Yali growing up. We live remotely in the forests of Western Australia. The Middle of Somewhere is a celebration of childhood, growing […]


Channeling Curiosity: Lisa Oppenhein in Conversation with Rotem Rozental

By Rotem Rozental Lisa Oppenhein is the 2014 recipient of The Shpilman Award for Excellence in Photography – The Israel Museum. Oppenheim’s photographic practice engages early technologies and contemporary found images, which she explores in various forms of abstractions and […]

The Motherless Project

The Motherless Project, 2006-2014

by Rachel Elizabeth Seed, Photographer / Director of A Photographic Memory My mother died when I was a baby and, as a documentary storyteller, I wanted to look at how others coped with such a loss so that I could better process […]


On the Invention of a Place: Pascal Amoyel and Thomas Bouquin's Montréal-Paris

In the summer of 2011, Pascal Amoyel and Thomas Bouquin – residents of Paris and Montréal respectively – initiated Montréal-Paris, a transatlantic photography project inspired by their home cities. Montréal-Paris brings together their photographic works on Paris and Montreal and […]

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